From winery to winery | Experience 2.

22 500 Ft

Get to know the wine region through three authentic wineries of Eger, and finish the day with a wine dinner at the Brumbrum.
We are close friends with the wineries of Eger so we can provide a genuinely personal experience to our guests by introducing the wines and the cellar. You can taste three different wine at three different winery and the price of the package contains the transfer between the wineries and the restaurant. Apply online and we will reach out to you to discuss the details. We accept applications from companies and group of friends as well for the From winery to winery experience. Before you send your application write in the Comments section that which day, how many of you will participate and if anyone in your group has any food allergies. Important! To ensure your place please apply at least a week before the tasting. Please select how many of you would like to apply for the experience: