Sightseeing with a Glass of Wine in Eger, gastro mobile tasting | Experience 1.

7 600 Ft

Culture and gastronomy on the go… grab your wineglass and listen to the tour guide.
The Sightseeing with a Glass of Wine Experience starts at the Fúzió, from where we take a walk around the town on a given path. We have several stops at the most interesting spots and restaurants of the town to taste some wine and food, and we listen to the tour guide’s exciting stories about the town, then we return to the Fúzió. Apply online and we will reach out to you to discuss the details. We accept applications from companies and group of friends as well for the Sightseeing with a Glass of Wine mobile tasting. Before you send your application write in the Comments section that which day, how many of you will participate and if anyone in your group has any food allergies. Important! To ensure your place please apply at least a week before the tasting. Please select how many of you would like to apply for the experience: