Many people believe that Eger is all about history and culture. Just take a look at the Eger Castle, which was defended by István Dobó in 1552 under the attack of the Turkish army, and where Géza Gárdonyi’s highly popular novel, entitled the “Eclipse of the Crescent Moon” takes place. Not that far from the castle stands the Minaret of Eger, which was the northernmost minaret from the former Ottoman Empire. The Eger Cathedral, several other churches and the Archbishop’s Palace reflect strong characteristics of religion, yet we have not even seen the labyrinth of the former Archbishop’s cellar system under the town.


Marzipan Museum, Beatles Museum, Dobó Square, Eger Cathedral, Eger Castle, István Dobó Castle Museum, Minaret, Church of Anthony of Padua, Town Under the Town, Lyceum, Archbishop’s Palace, Géza Gárdonyi Memorial Museum, Bishop’s Palace, Astronomical Museum and Camera Obscura, Casemates, Museum of Fire Fighting, ruins of Valide Sultana Bath, Archbishop’s Garden, Végvári Valliants’ Square. Besides these places, there are several other secret spots that have exciting story attached, so it is worth checking them out with our guidance. Here are the programs we offer»


On top of culture, the town is rich in services that help treatments and support active and healthy lifestyle.

The Turkish Spa, the Thermal Spa and the Aladár Bitskey swimming pool are all tempting visitors to visit Eger not just for 1 or 2 days. What is more Eger is surrounded by a whole valley that is full of thermal water and spas.

We do not have to go too far to find nature either; just think of the Bükk Mountains, the Beehive rocks or the cave dwellings.


Plantation on nearly 6000 ha, almost 1000-year-old grape and wine culture, 19 wine producing towns in the region. The wine region of Eger holds historical meaning, yet it started to show its true colours just recently. It is worth getting to know not only the wines but the winemakers, viticulturists and the families as well, whose hard work reflects in every bottle, and whose stories maybe haven’t been heard by many, but we think it is important to show them to as many people as possible.
Ádámék, Bolyki Winery, Böjt Winery, Bukolyi Marcell Wine Farm, Gál Tibor Winery, Havas&Tímár Winery, Kaló Imre Winery, Kovács Nimród Winery, Nyolcas Winery, Orsolya Winery, St.Andrea Winery, Stumpf Winery, Thummerer Winery and Vineyards, Tóth Ferenc Winery 



A pleasant improvement has recently started in the kitchen of restaurants, cafés, and bakeries due to the hard work of famous chefs, like János Macsinka (Macok and Brumbrum bistro) and bold and innovative ideas of people, like Nóra Kassai (Éljen Vegán Kikötő vegetarian/vegan restaurant). We introduce you to places that are not necessarily in the spotlight for tourists, yet they offer the most unique dining experience. These places either have been keeping their quality high for decades (Senator-Ház restaurant) or have been opened recently (Depresso).
We heartily recommend: Brumbrum lényegében büfé, Éljen Vegán Kikötő Bistro (vegetarian/vegan restaurant), Macok Bistro and Wine Bar, Senator-Ház restaurant, Platán restaurant, Il Padrino Pizza Club, Depresso café, Manooka café, Kis sziget café, Marján bakery, Archbishop’s Palace and café, Gofrizzz, Gál Tibor Fúzió Wine Bar, Kedves Wine Bistro&Shop, AÉS Wine Terrace